Momentum Cycle Coaching offers coaching and training for road cycling and mountain biking. Based in Cumbria, the Lake District, we cover the north of England and Scotland.

We support all abilities and types of riders, whether you are looking to race or just want to stay in shape, then we have a training plan for you.

Our qualified British Cycling coach is Iain Childs. Iain is a British Cycling accredited Level 3 Road and Time Trial and Level 3 Mountain Bike coach.

Iain is originally from Edinburgh and has been living in Kendal for 25 years honing his road and MTB skills in the Lake District.

Set Up

Each rider has a set up session with Iain our qualified British Cycling coach: think of this as your induction registers you with Momentum for life
Iain will discuss in detail your cycling history, current fitness levels, time available to train, goals, and help you choose the best plan. All plans will benefit from the included Premium Training Peaks account which
allows you to effortlessly log all your training and riding in one easily accessible place for coach and rider. Iain and our existing riders are true advocates of Training Peaks due its simplicity and ease of use.
Price £50 one off fee

The Plans

Plan A
Here at Momentum, we understand that not everybody wants to commit to full coaching straight away, but may want to dip their toe in the water and see what it’s about and most importantly, what it can do for their riding. If this sounds like you then this plan could be for you.

What you get:

£30 per month / £90 for 3 months / £150 for 6 months / £300 for 12 months

Plan B

If any of the above apply, this could be the plan for you. Momentum CC understand that buying the next bit of kit might make you go a little faster, but the truth of it is, a well thought out and consistent training plan with qualified guidance our riders have got faster! This is why we offer our enthusiast plan.

What you get:

£70 per month / £200 for 3 months / £390 for 6 months / £720 for 12 months

Plan C

Race or a big focus

Yep you guessed it; if the above sounds like your goal, then this is the plan for you! To be the best is hard and takes commitment, you know this, we know this. Having a structured plan with a qualified coach is the best upgrade you can buy. Here’s where the Race Plan comes in .

What You get:

£100 per month / £280 for 3 months / £540 for 6 months / £1020 for 12 months

Iain is also available for one off meetings to discuss training and can also offer on the bike skills advice and sessions. Consultation and one-to-one coaching: £25.00 per Hour

There is no minimum sign up period so you can use our services for as long, or as short a time as you like. You are free to come and go without cancellation fees or other hidden charges.

We reserve the right to change our prices and will give 7 days notice?

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For more information:
Tel: 01539741177
Mobile: 07760 265424

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